So what is an Energy Water Bottle?

The energy water bottle is a portable alkaline water bottle, with its in built water purification and treatment system, helps remove chlorine and other contaminants from your water, as well as improving the alkaline balance of the water. These actions have a number of key beneficial effects on your body and metabolism, including the following:


Alkaline Energy Flask

The energy water bottle:

  • Increases your hydration to levels recommended by the Institute of Medicine.
  • Helps filter out harmful bacteria and contaminants that would otherwise enter your body.
  • Reduces acid levels in your body by increasing the pH level of the water.
  • Boosts your immunity to bacteria and viruses.
  • The Activated hydrogen reduces the number of free radicals in your body.Reduces the water’s negative ORP by an average of 200mv, giving it excellent antioxidant properties.

How does the energy water bottle work?

The energy water bottle contains a specific balance of selected natural stones – each chosen for its beneficial effects on your body, metabolism and well being.  The minerals begin to act on the water as soon as it is poured into the bottle; however it is recommended that the contents be left in the bottle for 15 minutes for the full benefits to be transferred. I you are in a hurry, you can simply give to bottle a shake for 10 seconds, and this will also be sufficient.

pH Test Video Using Alkaline Water Bottle


Each energy water bottle contains the following minerals:


Far Infrared


Far Infrared has shown itself to be influential in improving the oxygen capacity of the bloodstream, improving your body’s defense against infectious diseases such as colds and influenza, as well as stress tolerance. It also increases lymphocytes and neutrophilis levels.





Tourmaline ceramics

Tourmaline ceramicsThese custom manufactured minerals generate electrolysis and produce negative ions, as well as providing antibacterial properties. They also emit far infrared rays and ionize the water molecules by increasing their size.






Negative potential silver

This mineral helps change the water’s negative ORP by breaking down the water molecules to produce –OH ions. This lowers the potential of the water to as low as -200, and reduces the number of free radicals in the body. In turn this makes your cells more energetic, as well as removing harmful chromate, nitrate, heavy metals and inert metals from your system.






Maifanshi Stone

Maifanshi StoneOriginating from valley streams rich in porphyritic pea gravel, Mainfanshi stone is traditionally used throughout Asia as a general medicinal treatment. It is often added to hot baths, where its ability to absorb toxins and provide the body with minerals is well known.





Muyu stone

Muyu stoneMuyu stone is a precious mineral extracted in China and is classified as a marine deposit from the early Palaeozoic period. It contains high amounts of the following beneficial elements; potassium, sodium, magnesium, selenium, iron, lithium and zinc. It is easily recognisable by its crystalline grain and hence its common name “wood grain jade”.





Calcium Ion Balls

Calcium Ion BallsThis mineral directly increases the calcium content in the water, giving a number of benefits. It activates alkaline ions, and changes the body’s ph level. The calcium is dissolves directly into the water within the energy bottle, allowing easy and direct absorption into the bloodstream.




Negative Ion balls

Negative Ion ballsThese balls give out a high concentration of negative ions, which in turn have an electrolytic effect on the water. This decreases the water’s molecular size, helping absorption into the body via improved osmosis. It lowers the waters ORP and makes it more alkaline.






Why shouldn’t I buy bottled mineral water?

The average cost of bottled in the US is 5 cents to an ounce, which is almost twice what you would pay for the same amount of gasoline.

Municipal water supplies cost at most 1 cent per ounce, and this is assuming you aren’t filling you’re bottle up from work.  That means if you drink the recommended 60ounces of water per day, your energy water bottle will have paid itself within its first month! That leaves you almost 2 years of healthy drinking before you have purchase another filter, potentially saving you the $1500 you would have to spend on bottled water to get the same benefit.

Why don’t I just re-use a plastic bottle?

Studies have shown that the reuse of many plastic bottles can lead to contamination with Bisphenol A (BPA) which, according to the Environment California Research and Policy Centre, has been linked to a number of health problems – including cancer, obesity and diabetes. These risks have been shown to be present even at very low dose exposure levels. Re-using a flimsy plastic bottle would lead to greatly increased amounts of contamination, or ‘plastic leeching’, as it is more commonly called.

The energy water bottle, with its precision manufactured stainless steel construction, does not expose you to any of the above risks.

How long can I use the energy water bottle for?

Unlike similar products on the market with filters that last a mere 3 months, the energy water bottle’s pre-fitted filter lasts a whole year. What’s more each energy water bottle comes with a free bonus filter, which means that you will be able to get daily use out of your water bottle for 2 whole years before you need to buy a replacement filter.

When you finally do require a space filter, you will find them widely available through online retailers, or you can by them directly from me (where you will probably find them much cheaper).

How can the energy water bottle help my workouts/increase my energy?

Studies have shown that mineral water has a significant beneficial effect on the body’s metabolism. The Iron released from the energy water bottle helps your blood carry more oxygen – giving you an oxygen boost when you need it most. Also, studies have shown that your performance during a workout can be significantly improved through adequate hydration – so using the energy water bottle will ensure you are performing at your peak throughout your workout.

How can the energy water bottle help me lose weight?

Drinking from the energy water has a beneficial effect on your body, improving your blood flow and metabolism, which mean you will burn more calories without doing anything. What’s more, studies have shown that people often mistake the symptoms of thirst for hunger; by rehydrating yourself regularly with the energy water bottle you will feel refreshed and will reduce your food intake, allowing you to lose weight safely and naturally.

What are the advantages of drinking water with a low ORP?

Oxidation is the exchange of electrons between two atoms. When iron rusts and decays, this is oxidation.  When you have a substance with high-ORP it increases the number of atoms in your body, which speeds up oxidation in body, when increases the rate of aging and decay in your body. Alkaline water from the energy water bottle acts as an anti-oxidant, reducing the level of oxidation and decay in body.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

The process of making and filtering alkaline reduces the number of contaminants s and impurities in the water, as well as helping balance your body’s acid level and remove toxins from your system. This is especially important for modern living, with the processed food we eat every day being high and toxins and impurities.

What do I get for my money?

With every energy water bottle you get the following:

–          A spare filter, extending the life of your product to up two years.

–          A handy carry pouch, great for taking your water bottle with you on the go.

–          Peace of mind that you are getting healthy, mineral enriched hydration throughout the day, without having to pay exorbitant prices for bottled mineral water.

What colors of energy water bottle are available?

We usually supply our energy water bottles in blue, black or silver as standard. However, If you require red, then we can place a special order for you.

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